How to Stay Safe

We're here for support.

We understand that thinking of what to do next or how to start over can be overwhelming.

Having an advocate to talk to can help in thinking through the process and your options. We will walk you through a full safety plan and your legal rights.

Contact us at 775.329.4150.

Plan Ahead

We encourage people in unhealthy relationships to contact us for help, but there are some things you can do if you’re not ready to take that step just yet:

  • Identify a safe place to go in case you ever feel that you need to escape
  • Have some pocket money on you at all times
  • Document any injuries suffered from violence

It’s also a good idea to keep the following items in a safe place:

  • Spare set of car and/or house keys
  • At least one set of clothes (for yourself and your children)
  • Important documents (birth certificate, car insurance/title, medical records)
  • Medications and other necessary items for your children

Safe Browsing

If you’re worried about your website browsing history being discovered, you can clear it. You can use these step-by-step directions for clearing the history for the browser you’re using.


Children may not fully comprehend what is happening around them or to them. Help them learn a few coping skills, and provide instructions in case of emergency.

  • Teach your children ways they can self-soothe when they feel sad, angry or scared such as:
    • Imagining a magical place of their own or thinking of their favorite place
    • Drawing, playing music, or doing something creative to express their feelings
    • Holding an item that comforts them such as a stuffed animal
    • Remembering an event or person that made them feel happy
    • Taking slow, deep breaths
  • Identify a safe space for them at home or with a trusted neighbor in case of a violent situation.
  • Determine what devices they can access at home and who to contact in case of emergency such as memorizing a trusted adult’s phone number and calling 911.
  • Set up a secret codeword or sign with your child when it is time to leave and/or call for help.


Individuals who stay at our safe shelter may also bring pets to be housed at a separate facility in partnership with Noah’s Animal House.