We offer comprehensive life-saving services

24-Hour Hotline

The Domestic Violence Resource Center (formerly the Committee to Aid Abused Women) has trained and compassionate advocates available 24/7 to answer questions or talk through your concerns.

Support Groups

We offer weekly, facilitated support groups in both English and Spanish. The sessions cover a variety of topics. Please call our 24-hour hotline for more information about which group will be most helpful for you.

Temporary Protection Orders

If you are seeking information about or want to know how to obtain a Temporary Protection Order (TPO), we can connect you with a Domestic Violence Resource Center advocate who will help you through the process. Anyone who believes he or she has been a victim of domestic violence may ask for a TPO. The Domestic Violence Resource Center advocates are here to offer you support and information along the way. We are also available to help you fill out forms and will attend TPO-related court hearings with you.

If you want to learn more or if you have questions about your TPO eligibility you may contact the TPO Office at 775-328-3468.

Emergency Shelter

Our Emergency Shelter provides short-term housing in a confidential location, and is designed to shelter individuals and families while they work toward personal and economic self-sufficiency. By taking advantage of the Emergency Shelter, residents are able to focus on a future without the emotional stress and distraction caused by violent relationships. The Emergency Shelter meets the immediate need to escape from violent situations and stay safe.

If you are in a life-threatening situation and need a safe place, call us at 775.329.4150.

Transitional Housing

Our Transitional Housing Program provides up to 24 months of subsidized housing to individuals and families who have been through a shelter program. One requirement is that residents have a consistent source of income and pay a small percentage of their income as rent. This is a goal-oriented program to support families working toward a violence-free life.

Children's Programs

The Domestic Violence Resource Center provides programs for child residents of the Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing Facilities.

Transportation / Food / Clothing

The Domestic Violence Resource Center provides transportation, food and clothing to clients who need assistance.

Pet Shelter

The Domestic Violence Resource Center (formerly CAAW) and Noah’s Animal House are in the process of building a pet boarding facility for residents of the Domestic Violence Resource Center’s Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing facilities.

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