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The Domestic Violence Resource Center (formerly CAAW) and Noah’s Animal House partnered in 2017 to offer a pet boarding facility for residents of the Domestic Violence Resource Center’s Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing facilities.

Noah’s Animal House (NAH) currently has one pet shelter located next to The Shade Tree women’s shelter in Las Vegas. Noah’s Las Vegas provides food, shelter and veterinary services for the pets of the survivors of domestic violence that are residing at The Shade Tree.

Noah’s Las Vegas was the first stand-alone shelter in the country dedicated to keeping the entire family united as they transition out of an abusive situation. NAH was founded by Staci Alonso to eliminate one barrier of leaving an abusive relationship and ensure that pets can remain with the families who have fled from a domestic violence situation. In a national survey, 85 percent of women seeking safety in a domestic violence shelter reported pet abuse in their home and more than 25 percent delayed leaving because they did not have an escape plan that could include their pets.

During the capital campaign and construction of Noah’s Las Vegas, foster parents cared for more than 120 pets because women started arriving at The Shade Tree with the four legged loves ones after hearing the news of the facility. The recidivism rate for women staying at The Shade Tree shelter without pets is more than 20 percent; while the return rate for women with pets is less than 2 percent. Simply stated, the healing power provided by the pets during the stay at the shelter has proven to break the cycle of abuse.

The Domestic Violence Resource Center and NAH are so fortunate to further resources for victims of domestic violence and their pets. To donate or receive project updates, visit

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