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There are many forms of domestic violence, including emotional, verbal violence and physical violence. Domestic violence can build from something very small to a life-threatening incident. If you have experienced domestic violence, or are living in fear of your partner, please drop by or call us. There is no need for an appointment or to bring any documents, and you don’t need to leave your name when you call or visit. Whether you want to leave your current situation, or just want to talk, we are here to help you.

Stage 1: Tension Building

In this stage, individuals often feel as though they are “walking on eggshells” or “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Their partner may be edgy, moody, easily angered, or unpredictable. There is a definite sense of anxiety in the air.

Stage 2: Acute or Abusive

This is the most violent stage of the cycle, where concentrated, intense, emotional and verbal abuse, or physical abuse happen. This stage is the explosion of the tension from Stage 1.

Stage 3: Honeymoon

Your partner may apologize and promise to never hurt you again; or he/she may blame you for their violence. You may experience many feelings during this phase, everything from love to confusion. The most important thing to remember though, is that if you do nothing, the cycle will continue.

If anything about this cycle sounds familiar to you, please reach out to us. Our hotline is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week and you can remain anonymous if you call. If you want to meet with an advocate, there’s no need for an appointment and you don’t need to bring any documentation.

Call us anytime, day or night, and we’ll be there for you: (775) 329-4150

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