Thank you for supporting victim survivors!

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Thank you for your support of the
Domestic Violence Resource Center’s annual fundraising event!
We are delighted with the outcome of this year’s memorable event, which was a completely new concept for the organization. After two years of navigating a pandemic and fatigue around virtual events, we recognize the value of gathering safely in-person to celebrate the accomplishments of the organization. A special thanks to our venue partner, the Reno Little Theater, for taking such a proactive approach to COVID safety.

Partnering with the Reno Little Theater offered our guests the opportunity to learn about their more than 85-year history. We are pleased to have introduced some of our guests to the Reno Little Theater for the very first time. The Domestic Violence Resource Center understands the significance of the healing power of the arts and is proud to support the Reno Little Theater’s mission to “create an exceptional theatrical experience that inspires, entertains, and strengthens our community through artistic engagement and collaboration”.

Thank you to everyone involved in the preparation and planning for this event. Specifically, we’d like to recognize the following individuals for their commitment to furthering resources for domestic violence victims and their children.

MC of the evening, Board Chair, Marlene Lockard. Marlene has dedicated almost ten years to supporting the efforts of the Domestic Violence Resource Center. Marlene’s work at the Board level and commitment to survivors’ wellbeing brings so much value to the organization.

Speaker, Donna Thomas. We are honored to have showcased Donna Thomas’s personal story titled, A “Good” Man, which she created specifically for our event. Donna commanded guests’ attention by bringing to life her experience with two separate domestic violence relationships and how she overcame extreme circumstances. Donna’s experience with improvisational theater helped her to heal by telling her story of abuse. Storytelling can be an important part of survivors’ healing process, as such Donna shared her story with our residential clients and staff. Donna’s inspirational story and message of hope left our clients feeling empowered.

Domestic Violence Resource Center Board of Directors and Staff. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Board and staff, the Domestic Violence Resource Center provides the region’s most comprehensive range of services for domestic violence victims and their children.

Event sponsors. Restoring operational funding has been a priority for the organization. Thank you for helping make this a successful event as well reduce a significant decrease in grant funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lastly, if you didn’t have a chance to review our “service menu” during the event, please consider making an unrestricted donation. Your donation will help us provide the basics (food, gas, bus vouchers) that our residents need every day, in addition to other services (wellness and childcare vouchers) that our families can access to make the transition from victim to survivor. Unrestricted gifts may be utilized for areas of greatest need.
Thank you for your concern for and support of domestic violence victims in our community,

Judi Howell
Executive Director

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