Foster hope for ALL victims of domestic violence

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July 6, 2020

Dear Friends,

For the many who said, “I Do Nevada”, your commitment to furthering the efforts of the Domestic Violence Resource Center and other domestic violence programs in our State makes a genuine difference for the many culturally diverse individuals and families that we serve each year.

Our “Say I Do Nevada” campaign raised more than $18,000. Thank you for your support which helped us reach the Laurel Trust Company’s generous matching challenge.

In addition, we recognize the contributions of the philanthropic team at KPS3, whose donations to our “Say I Do Nevada” campaign were matched by the company.

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to donate, you always have the opportunity to support the Domestic Violence Resource Center. Donate Today:

Community support is vital to help ensure that victims of domestic violence seeking support have access to services that foster hope, and maintain equity and inclusion. At the Domestic Violence Resource Center, we acknowledge the historical trauma and lived experiences of culturally diverse domestic violence victims and we are committed to providing culturally competent services that promote non-violence and self-determination.

Approximately half of the clients we serve annually self-identify as culturally diverse. Our services aim to increase the wellbeing of women, men, racial and ethnic minorities, homeless populations, people with disabilities, people of low socioeconomic status and other vulnerable populations who are experiencing domestic violence. Domestic violence is a part of a systematic pattern of power and control and unfortunately, this systematic pattern can also be evident in public systems and our communities which can further isolate and oppress victims.

To help respond to this reality, we are dedicated to promoting the ideas of equity and anti-oppression. To accomplish this, we continue our investment in staff training that focuses on equity and inclusion, we utilize a healing centered approach to help victims foster and sustain their well-being, prioritize filling service gaps to ensure that services are culturally competent and delivered in a holistic fashion and invest in wellness programming.

Our success in helping to improve the health and wellbeing of culturally diverse populations who are experiencing domestic violence has been recognized by Renown Health. We are proud to be one of the 55 recipients of the Renown Health Equity and Inclusion grant.

As always, we thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts to help create a more just and peaceful community.

With much gratitude,

Denise Yoxsimer