“Say I Do” to raise funds for DV. Resource Ctr.

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June 18, 2020

Dear Friends,

The Domestic Violence Resource Center is anticipating a significant decrease in critical grant funds that support survivors of domestic violence due to a reduction in marriage licenses sold in Nevada. This funding decrease will take effect beginning July 1, 2020.

To help address this decrease, The Division of Child and Family Services and the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence are sponsoring a campaign to help raise funds to support the operations of the Domestic Violence Resource Center and other domestic violence programs in the State. Please see below for more about the “Say I Do Nevada” campaign.

WHY there is a need for funding:
Domestic violence programs in the State of Nevada receive financial support from fees levied on the sale of each marriage license in the State. The Account for Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence is seeing a COVID-19 related decline right now because Nevada’s wedding industry is driven by those who travel to Nevada to get married. The closure of wedding venues and decreased wedding travel have reduced the sales of marriage licenses to an all-time low.

HOW your support will impact the Domestic Violence Resource Center:
Your support provides much needed immediate assistance so that we can continue to help survivors as they escape dangerous situations, give them a safe place to stay, and provide them with necessary resources to move forward. Additionally, your support will help to offset future funding reductions, enabling us to continue to carry out our mission to, “rebuild safe and hopeful lives for victims of family violence”.

Donate Today

Support the Domestic Violence Resource Center by creating a short video or post for Social Media and tag @DomesticViolenceResourceCenter in your posts.

Some examples:
I say “I do for Nevada” because….
The Domestic Violence Resource Center needs community support to help offset reductions in funding so that it can continue to provide life-saving services that result in decreased risk of re-abuse and increased access to resources, increased social support, and enhanced mental health and well-being.Please donate today! https://domesticviolenceresourcecenter.org/give/

I am committed to supporting the efforts of the Domestic Violence Resource Center to help give families the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Join me in making a difference today through June 26. Click the link https://domesticviolenceresourcecenter.org/give/ to help increase resources today!

Individuals who work with domestic violence advocates experience less violence over time, report better quality of life and social support, and have less difficulty obtaining community resources over time. Please donate today https://domesticviolenceresourcecenter.org/give/ to support the advocacy provided by Domestic Violence Resource Center that have the same positive outcomes.

P.S. Your gift to this campaign will be matched! The team at Laurel Trust Company will match contributions made to the Domestic Violence Resource Center up to $5,000. Please consider supporting the “Say I Do” campaign and the Domestic Violence Resource Center by making a gift today – helping us to meet the generous challenge from Laurel Trust Company!

With much gratitude,

Denise Yoxsimer
Executive Director