Hope Blooms for Survivors of Domestic Violence

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May 27, 2020
Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued interest in the Domestic Violence Resource Center, the families we serve, and our operations during this time.

We feel so grateful to share that our residents and their children and our staff continue to be well – and we attribute this to a collective effort to educate ourselves and sustain safety measures 11 weeks into this pandemic. I applaud our residents and staff for their care and vigilance.

Our revised operations at our administrative facility and shelter program in traditional and alternative settings (motels) continue as we plan our service re-expansion process utilizing guidance from the State of Nevada, Washoe County and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Calls to our emergency hotline continue to increase, and while we don’t have statistics for the full month of May yet, we feel that we will see that the numbers continue to increase with callers expressing the need for domestic violence shelter, resources for homelessness and economic concerns and food and hygiene items.

Earlier this month our emergency shelter program which typically serves 25 individuals at any given time, served 44 individuals – 16 of them in our emergency shelter home, with an additional 28 receiving our services in community motels. Community support continues to help us as we provide motel nights, meals, food, transportation support and more to this very vulnerable population. Earlier this month we received support for this work from the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Horizon Christian Church, The Bridge Church, Hope Community Church, and other community entities.

We anticipate shelter related needs will continue to grow. For a list of needed items, please visit:

The 41 individuals who live at our transitional housing (TH) facilities (19 units between two community locations) are resilient. Seven adult residents have experienced reductions in hours, furloughs or lost employment due to the pandemic. Their work with our Financial Coach continues, however, which provides a small silver lining in that many of them have (for the first time) accumulated savings, reduced debt, etc. All steps that will help them to weather this storm. Please look for a future e-newsletter focusing on the amazing financial strides that our TH and emergency shelter residents have made during year two of our Financial Literacy program.

Hope blooms at the Domestic Violence Resource Center. The residents at one of our TH facilities have planted a community garden and are enjoying tending it (practicing social distancing, of course!)

The Domestic Violence Resource Center’s mission is to rebuild safe and hopeful lives for victims of family violence. Thank you for helping us make hope grow.

Denise Yoxsimer
Executive Director