COVID-19 Update 5.5.20

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Dear Friends,

I hope you and your loved ones have found some sense of normalcy during the past two months that Nevada’s stay-at-home order has been in effect. As we’ve shared with you previously, at the Domestic Violence Resource Center our new normal prioritizes efforts to protect survivors and their children from abuse and from COVID-19.

The Domestic Violence Resource Center’s new normal:

Restrictions on traditional shelter capacity and requiring social distancing amongst individuals at our three residential facilities continue to be our new normal. Our emergency shelter program has expanded to include sheltering at local long-stay motels. The number of new shelter/motel bed nights increased by more than 40% from March to April due to this expansion. We are funding this expanded shelter program thanks to generous gifts from individuals and private foundations in our community.

Programmatically, residential clients (shelter, motel and transitional housing) are continuing to set and revise goals to create their paths toward self-sufficiency and independence. To help with this process residents have access free telephonic counseling and support groups in both English and Spanish.

As expected and reported previously, the Domestic Violence Resource Center continues to see an increase in the need for services. From March to April, hotline calls increased by 77%. Of those calls, the majority were requests for domestic violence shelter and for assistance with the Temporary Protection Order process. Our experience is aligned with national trends; click here to review this recent Huffington Post article that describes what it is like to be a victim of a pandemic within a pandemic – a domestic violence pandemic.

Click here to support survivors’ increasing needs

Meeting the increased needs of domestic violence victims and their children during times like these can’t be done without community support! As we encourage those who can to give, we also want to take the time to recognize just a few of our many amazing supporters!

A big thank you to K. Donavan, A Staging Company for encouraging support on our behalf which raised more than $1,500 to help us meet the need for increased motel assistance for those we serve. In addition, thank you to the employees at the Kaempfer Crowell Law Office who donated more than $500 in much needed groceries/meals for those who are sheltering in motel settings. And finally, a big thank you to our supporters who have donated Friday night dinners for emergency shelter residents. These meals make our residents feel special during this time of great uncertainty.

Giving matters.

Today is Giving Tuesday. #GivingTuesdayNow emphasizes opportunities to give back to vulnerable populations, like domestic violence victims, in safe ways that allow for social connection and kindness even while practicing physical distancing. Those who are interested in joining the Domestic Violence Resource Center’s #GivingTuesdayNow initiative can donate by visiting our website at
On behalf of those we serve, thank you.

Denise Yoxsimer
Executive Director