“Comings and Goings” Puts Participants in a Victim’s Shoes

CAAW supporters recently gathered at the Vassar Office to learn more about CAAW and to participate in an exercise designed to help develop a better understanding about the lives of the clients [...]

Partnership Opens More Housing to Survivors

CAAW has entered into a partnership with the Reno Housing Authority (RHA) which will expand CAAW’s transitional housing (TH) program. This project, called Moving to Work, will offer five [...]

Give Where You Live – Coming to CAAW Soon

CAAW is excited to participate in its second year of the Nevada Big Give – 24 hours of online giving. What is it? It’s one incredible chance to shape the lives of domestic violence victims [...]

Master’s Thesis, Personal Experience Combine to Benefit CAAW

Open JAR: A Potentialist Romance…Almost is an original performance piece created by Kelsey Sweet to generate awareness and discussion about sexual violence. Kelsey is writing, producing and [...]